JYJ Junsu’s Sponsors the Construction of a New Home for Impoverished Family

Thanks to JYJ Junsu‘s caring heart, a family will be able to spend a warm Chuseok in a new home this year. 

On September 7, Junsu worked with “ADRA (Adventist Development & Refile Agency) Korea,” an organization that builds new homes for the needy, to sponsor the construction of a new home for a grandmother and grandson. The family had unfortunately lost their home in a fire last October and had been living out of their village hall through the help of neighbors. 

After hearing of Junsu’s “Building Homes with Love” program through “ADRA Korea,” the grandmother applied with the hope of providing her grandson with proper shelter. Her application was accepted, and Junsu sponsored the construction of an 18-pyeong home, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Over 70 volunteered to help make it possible. 

Junsu has been donating since 2008 and has been sponsoring the construction of homes for the elderly, the disabled, and multi-cultural families in poverty. 

“I would like to bow my head in gratitude towards everyone that worked hard to make this possible. I never knew what the meaning of charity effort was, but through this opportunity, I’ve learned the importance of lending a hand and helping out those in need,” the family said through tears. 

“We’d like to thank JYJ’s Junsu for actively helping and supporting this cause,” “ADRA also said.