Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung has a Cute Radio Accident

Kang Min Kyung from the female duo Davichi melted fans’ hearts with her sudden, cute radio accident.

Kang Min Kyung and her fellow member Lee Hae Ri appeared on KBS Radio “Danny’s Music Show: We Came to Rehearse” on September 7. They came to promote their new mini album “Love Delight” which is their first release after one year and four months.

The accident happened when Davichi was singing their album’s title song “Don’t Say Goodbye.” As soon as Lee Hae Ri sang her part and Kang Min Kyung was about to sing, the song suddenly stopped. The two women stood frozen with shocked expressions and the studio was silent for five seconds.

For radio listeners, it seemed as if their connection was lost and for Internet viewers, as if the video clip was paused. Then Kang Min Kyung’s soft voice broke the silence as she spoke out “Oing?” without knowing. The song came on and continued on like magic.

Kang Min Kyung smiled embarrassingly as she kept singing but could not stop laughing and made more mistakes. Lee Hae Ri did the same while DJ Danny Ahn stopped the music and apologized to listeners saying, “That’s why they came to rehearse, like the title of the program.”

For a celebrity, making a mistake on their come backs may be critical but Kang Min Kyung earned fans’ encouragement with her cute mistake.

Netizens who viewed through online video clip responded, “I rolled while laughing watching the program” “Kang Min Kyung’s surprised face was so cute” “I laughed so hard”