Kang Ho Dong Holds Emergency Press Conference, Announces Temporary Retirement

Kang Ho Dong has announced that he will be temporarily retiring from the entertainment industry to spend time on self-reflection, citing the state he is in because of the issues on his taxes.  The announcement came personally from the entertainer nicknamed “Nation’s MC” at an emergency press conference held at the Seoul Garden Hotel, on September 9.

Kang Ho Dong has stated that he will be in discussions with the production teams of his current programs to ensure that he will not inconvenience broadcasters and viewers alike. 

Today’s “1 Night 2 Days” recording has also been cancelled with 1N2D staff stating that “Since the main MC Kang Ho Dong is in a painful situation, we have judged that it would be difficult to have a normal recording. After in-depth discussions with Na Young Suk PD and the staff, we have decided to cancel the recording for September 9.”

Read on for Soompi’s live coverage, updated as the press conference was going on:

Update 1 – 6:07PM

The press conference has started and Kang Ho Dong has entered the room.

Update 2 

Major announcement: Kang Ho Dong has announced that he will be temporarily retiring from the entertainment industry.

His said in his statement, “I apologize for causing concen to the nation’s citizens due to my shameful problems involving my taxes.”

“From this time forward, I Kang Ho Dong will be temporarily retiring from the entertainment business”

Update 3

Kang Ho Dong continues by saying “As a celebrity that needs to give laughs and hope to the citizens, I believe that appearing any further on TV would be too difficult and I will take time to reflect on my self

Update 4 – Kang Ho Dong’s Full Statement

“I did Sseurim (Korean Wrestling) when I was young. When I was an athlete, I managed to get to the position of ChunhaJangSa (The highest position in Korean Wrestling) thanks to the support of the nation’s citizens. After becoming a celebrity, I became an MC of numerous programs thanks to the attention placed on me by viewers. I know that without the love of everyone, the Kang Ho Dong I am right now would not be here.

“I have let down everyone and the love they have given me. No matter what the reason was, It was my fault for not throughly managing my tax problems. I am well aware of the amount of anger that the citizens of the nation have against me.

“I am a person that has the job of being a celebrity. My duty is to provide viewers with laughs and happiness through TV.

“In a situation like right now, how could I brazenly come out on TV, show my face and laugh and play around? How would the viewers be able to look at my face and laugh light heartedly?

“Using this occasion, I would like to tell everyone my following decision: From this time forward, I, Kang Ho Dong will be temporarily retiring from the entertainment business.”

“This is a decision that I, the ignorant Kang Ho Dong, made after thinking about it for several days. I have come all this way while only thinking about Sseurim when I was young and only thinking about TV work when I become a celebrity. During my time of self-reflection, I will not only deal with my tax problems but also see if I had used the excuse of being busy and missed something in life, see if I had become arrogant and slowly look back on myself.”

“Also for the programs that I am currently emceeing, I will discuss then with the staff to decide on a date to leave so I do not cause any damages to the broadcasting studio and the viewers.

“Lastly, I would like to once again deeply apologize for causing trouble to the people of the nation. I may be leaving right now but I will never forget the love that all the viewers have given to me up until now and live a thankful life.”

That ends Kang Ho Dong’s press conference.

Update 5 – More pictures from the press conference

Update 6 – What happens to his programs?

With this major announcement, the biggest question now appears to be what happens to his current programs, SBS “Star King,” “Strong Heart” KBS “1N2D.” and MBC “Golden Fishery”

As of press time, only SBS “Strong Heart” has a definite answer.  Strong Heart PD Park Sang Hyuk has revealed in a conversation with Joynews24 that “Kang Ho Dong has finished his last ‘Strong Heart’ recording on September 8.”

PD Park continued, “We have already finished discussions with Kang Ho Dong. Kang Ho Dong first came to us with his intentions and we discussed it at length together with the staff.  Kang Ho Dong believes that this is the last method to show the viewers his sincerity.  We respect his decision to leave.” 

The last episode of “Strong Heart” is expected to air at the end of September.

Stay tuned to Soompi for more updates as we continue to report on further developments on this matter.

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