Rino Nakasone Shares Original Footage for SNSD and SHINee’s Choreography

Choreography Rino Nakasone has been spoiling SNSD and SHINee fans! The dancer tweeted her YouTube uploads of the original choreography footage submission for SNSD‘s “Genie” on September 6, and SHINee‘s “Love Like Oxygen” and “Hello” on September 7.

Rino, a member of the dance group Beat Freaks, is well known among fans of SM Entertainment artists for her powerful, catchy choreography that transforms the songs. She has also choreographed SHINee’s “Replay,” “Lucifer,” f(x)‘s “Gangsta Boy,” “Nu ABO,” SNSD’s “Hoot,” “Mr. Taxi,” DBSK‘s “Keep Your Head Down,” BoA‘s “Copy and Paste,” Super Junior‘s “No Other,” and more!

Unforunately this may be the last of the original choreography submission videos that will be revealed. Rino tweeted “No more!!! Some are not meant to be shared!! haaaaaa!! Hope u guys enjoyed it!!!! Peace!!!!” following the upload of the third video.

Check it out below!