Supreme Team Explains Why They’re Going Solo

Supreme Team‘s Simon D and E-Sens will be going head-to-head this year in a friendly round of solo competition. 

Simon D released his solo track, “Hero,” earlier this week, while E-Sens was featured in Brown Eyed Soul‘s Sung Hoon‘s “Fail In Love.” Although they promoted as individuals in the underground scene, they debuted together as one under the name of Supreme Team. With news of their solo activities coming to light, fans have been increasingly worried whether there could be a bout of discord happening between the two members. 

Supreme Team’s agency, Amoeba Culture, assured that there was no such thing. “Supreme Team is a group made up of two members that wanted to express the same idea in music. They’re allowed to freely move in and out to better suit their music style. Usually, members of other groups will schedule solo activities so that they don’t overlap, but E-Sens is focusing on his own solo album while Simon D is pursuing a musical color different to that of Supreme Team’s,” officials explained. 

“We’d like to avoid any unnecessary rumors or speculations. They’re musicians that will always want to show and present something different.”