Kevin Woo Asks Fans to Help U-KISS Win on Music Programs

Super Junior has won five consecutive weeks in a row with their mega hit “Mr. Simple” on KBS Music Bank, now U-KISS wants their fans to step up to the plate and help them reach the gold. On September 10,  member Kevin Woo enlisted his fans to support them reach number one via Twitter. Kevin: “Who saw our Music Bank comeback performance? How was it? Let’s win 1 with Neverland! We need your help~ love ya!!!” 

Will KISSMes jump in to make their idols number one? Here are some of their responses:

” I haven’t seen it yet,but I promise I’ll help all of you to ge the #1… Fighting oppa~ don’t give up ok? Haha love ya ^^” 

“it was awessoomee!! and im really glad you guys didn’t wear those outfits with the feathers again… :)”

“awesome as always! Hwaiting!”