‎[Preview] MBC "Infinity Challenge" – September 10 Chuseok Special Episode

Chuseok Gift Special★

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It has returned this year as well without fail! In celebration of the biggest traditional holiday Chuseok, Infinity Challenge has prepared the “Chuseok Gift Special”! I know even if you don’t say anything~♪ The Chuseok Gift Delivery Project run by the seven guys that know each other just by looking at each others eyes! Lets set off for the scene that is overflowing with affection!

# Just one gift only?!

Knock Knock! A mysterious red envelope arrives at the members’ houses Is it a Chuseok bonus?? No! With the money that you have been given, buy a gift for just one person! The members are deep in contemplation right from the start! The arrows of love(?) are all over the place? With tensions at a high point, the phone reconnaissance begins!

Noh Hong Chul is currently recovering from a disease! While a rain of special medicine gifts is expected for Fistula Hong Chul. Someone will package up their memories! Another person will be looking for foods that make you drool!! And another person will be going after the “Package up gifts in an extremely extravagant way for the holidays” effect! What will the gifts be that the members have prepared?

# Seven Gifts! Fourteen Boxes!

The members arrive while carrying the gifts that they picked after much contemplation and placed in front of them there are seven boxes! No matter where you look at it from, front, back and below, they looks exactly the same!

Hide it well or we will be able to see what you bought~~♫ Don’t reveal the identity of your gift to the other people!! Pretend that it is heavy! Pretend that it is big! Pretend that it expensive! To hide the identities of their gifts, The jam packed “3 Pretend” mime parade!

In no time it’s midnight…The personal package delivery finally starts! However…There is another box inside the trunk?! One is a gift box full of affection, the other is a terrifying box with the receipt! Will it be the gift or the receipt, That is the question!! Who’s houses will the members go to while carrying their 2 boxes?

# Ding Dong! Your package has arrived!

“Customer, your package has arrived!”

The horrifying message that notifies you of a package arrives frequently! This time it’s a receipt! The upgraded version of the “Quarrelling Brothers” special, Gift Delivery! Fool and be fooled…give and take! The fierce mental warfare!! However we are brothers! In no time, they think as one and start to come up with a plan! The delivery period is over, where will the final destination be for the gift receipts?


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