Kim Bum Soo and Park Jung Hyun’s "Human, Love" to be Campaign Song for Samsung Insurance

Korea’s best vocals from MBC‘s “I Am a Singer”, Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) and Kim Bum Soo, had recently collaborated to make the song “Human, Love”. It has now been announced that the song will be used as Samsung Life Insurance Company‘s official campaign song.

Before being introduced as a brand song for Samsung Life Insurance Company, the song and music video had already been released a month ago. From the first day it came out, it was a hit, placing first on several music websites.

Unlike the catchy songs of Any Call‘s “Any Motion” and Cyon‘s “Lollipop”, Samsung’s “Human, Love” and Hyundai Auto Group‘s “Let’s Catch the Bus” are not merely jingles to hook consumers. Although they are ballads, they “touch consumers’ hearts”.

Before releasing “Human, Love” as Samsung Life Insurance Company’s official song, Kim Bum Soo was involved with IU in Hyundai Auto Group’s “Let’s Catch the Bus” campaign. Park Jung Hyun’s “Juice in the Morning” is featured as Seoul Milk Company‘s official beverage song. The song is one of Park Jung Hyun’s original songs, except the lyrics were changed to fit advertising needs for the drink. Maeil Milk Company’s “Cafe Latte” is also featuring an “I Am a Singer” contestant, Yim Jae bum.  He sings “A Wound Deeper Than Love”.

Thanks to singing contests such as Mnet‘s “Superstar K” and MBC’s “I Am a Singer”, brand songs by Korea’s top voices are rapidly gaining popularity. Park Jung Hyun, Kim Bum Soo, and Yim Jae bum are the top candidates for present public advertising.

A representative from Samsung Life Insurance Company revealed that companies like using these singers  because it makes a “connection” with the consumers. Samsung’s “Human, Love” presents a message to its consumers. The essence of an insurance company is to provide care for loved ones, in case anything should ever happen in the future. The song’s message demonstrates this fully, and as a result, consumers feel connected with a company.

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One of Samsung Life Insurance Company’s advertisements.