Danny Ahn Creates Laughs on Happy Sunday

On this week’s episode of KBS 2’s Happy Together, Danny Ahn was featured as a guest and was the main target of the MC’s. Along with MC Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Park Mi Sun, and Shin Bong Seon, Ahn caused non-stop laughter and overall created a very comical episode.

Danny Ahn is known for being a fan of S.E.S.’s Eugene, but with the recent news of her announcing her wedding, the guests and MC’s wasted no time in teasing Ahn. When Danny was asked to create a video message on the spot wishing Eugene the best on her wedding, guest Leeteuk of Super Junior suggested inserting the background music of G.NA’s I’ll Back Off So You Can Live”. Also, the MC’s all shouted “Don’t Cry!” in unison, causing Ahn to feel embarrassed.

However, another round of laughs was created when actor Lee Hyun Woo seemed to be zoning out while all the teasing was going on and when it ended, he raised his head and said “Oh, Eugene is getting married? Congratulations!”