Brown Eyed Girl’s Fourth Album’s Release Date Changed

While it was reported a few days ago that the fourth album for idol-group Brown Eyed Girls would be released on September 30, there are now reports coming out that it will be released a week earlier on September 23.

Today a Brown Eyed Girls representative has revealed that, “The album was originally planned to be released on the 30, but instead we’ve decided to proceed with releasing the album sooner due to the girls Japanese schedule. I don’t feel it’ll be an issue since there are many people who are anticipating the album’s release. The album will surely show a new side of Brown Eyed Girls.”

No need to wait until the end of the month for the girl’s comeback as the album is now scheduled to be released seven days ahead of schedule. Previews will be released starting on September 16, followed soon after by the release of the complete album on September 23.