Yang Yo Seob Chosen as "BEAST Member Most Likely to Win a Singing Audition"

Recently cable channel, ETN, and production agency, GSI, conducted a poll asking, “Who among BEAST members is the member with the most potential to win a singing audition?”

Vocalist Yang Yo Seob turned out to be the member with the most votes. To many, it shouldn’t come as a surprise especially due to his appearance on KBS’ reality singing competition, “Immortal Song” where he impressed the viewers with his amazing vocals.

Fellow member Lee Ki Kwang came in second place. Ki Kwang has gained much popularity lately as he carried out his duties as a singer in passionate performances and even hosting entertainment programs. 

Fans left supportive comments regarding the results of the poll, stating “BEAST proves their real worth as one” and “If they had a chance to attend an audition as a group they would win first prize hands down.”