The months of October and November are jam-packed with superstar idols releasing new albums.  Among those talented idol groups are SNSD, Wonder Girls, T-ara, and IU as they will be head to head competition.  Along with those popular female idols G-Dragon as well as Super Star K2’s developing stars are preparing their own albums set within the same time frame as everyone else.

Recently Wonder Girls and SNSD had been focusing their attention overseas, now they are poised to release new Korean albums to the delight of anticipating fans, who are looking forward to their brand-new songs and performances.  IU in the past year has released a series of hit records with “Good Day”. She is now working on a new album, along with Korean musicians such as Yung Sang and Lee Jeok, which is slated for release in October.

T-ara will also be facing off with Wonder Girls and SNSD in music programs this fall with their new song entitled, “Black Eyes”.  As for Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon has yet to settle on a release date for his next solo album.  From his previous solo release, “Heartbreaker” odds are the new album will likely become a mega hit upon its release.

This year’s end-of-the-year music awards shows will be especially hot with all these popular artist’s new releases.  It will be a fight to the finish for sure.  Usually the activities that take place in the second half attract more attention than those that happen during the first half of the year.  One factor might be that the later releases are fresher in the public’s mind as opposed to the earlier released works.

Who do you think will end up on top in the award shows?