Lee Ji Ah to Make a Come Back?

It seems like it was only yesterday that actress Lee Ji Ah put the entire entertainment industry in shock by revealing her marriage to ex-husband and K-Pop legend, Seo Taiji. She’s gone through a series of court battles since then, but she’s now putting that all behind and steadily preparing to make a come back into the acting scene. 

On September 10, reports of her receiving a Hollywood movie offer from a famous director surfaced online. Regarding the news, Key East officials said, “It is true that she received an offer for a Hollywood film. She’s actually been receiving quite a variety of omvie and drama offers so we’re taking them into consideration.” 

Many fans were fearful that she’d never make a return considering the heights her controversy with Seo Taiji reached. However, it seems Lee Ji Ah might recover her image faster than what many expected. 

Several officials working in the industry commented that it’d be better for her to move on with her life and continue working at her passion for acting.