MBC Music Core 09.10.2011

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Super Junior‘s Ye Sung, Eun Hyuk and Kyu Hyun were the special MCs of the day.

U-KISS continued their “Neverland” comeback for all the lovely KISSMes. Will you follow them into a land full of youthfulness that never ends? Girl group Sweet Revenge rocked the day away with their debut, while Teen Top, MBLAQ and NS Yoon Ji bidded farewell with upbeat and alluring goodbye stages. Also, the forever pretty Piggy Dolls debuted a new single.

The following list of the artists partied on stage with their singles this Chuseok weekend: Super Junior, G.NA, SISTAR, Davichi, HwanHee, Suki, X-CROSS, Koyote, Jaurim, Nine Muses, Chocolat, Dal Shabet, CHI CHI and APRIL KISS. 

Super Junior – Mr. Simple 

SISTAR – So Cool

G.NA – Top Girl 

U-KISS – Neverland 

MBLAQ – I Don’t Know 

Koyote – Good Good Time

Davichi – Don’t Say Goodbye

APRIL KISS – Hello Bus

Teen Top – The Back Of My Hand Brushes Against Yours

HwanHee – Love Pain

NS Yoon Ji (ft. AJ) – Wanna See You Again 

Dal Shabet – Bling Bling 

Piggy Dolls – Hakuna Matata 

Chocolat – Syndrome

CHI CHI – Longer 

Nine Muses – Figaro 

Kara‘s Comeback Stage Next Week

MCs Ye Sung, Eun Hyuk and Kyu Hyun’s Cuts 

Credits: TV Daily, WStar News, Star N News, yt cr: CrazyCarrotNew210 and BberiBubbles01

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