Koyote's Shinji Admits to Dating Basketball Player Yoo Byung Jae

On September 10, Koyote‘s Shinji admitted to be dating basketball player Yoo Byung Jae through an update on her mini-homepage. 

Shinji wrote, “I’m not sure how to begin this post, but I guess I’m starting my Chuseok break with a dating scandal. To tell you more specifically, it is true that I’m dating him with good feelings. He’s a basketball player and is preparing for a new season so I’m very sorry that this news had to break like this. I’m worried that this will affect my promotions with the group.

“We were friends for a while, and when I was going through hardships, he consoled me a lot. After his season ended, we became a lot closer. Although I wasn’t able to help him as much as he’s helped me, I’m supporting him a lot so that he can achieve good results in his game. 

“I’m a celebrity and he’s a sports star so we were considerate of each other’s professions while dating. Reports going out like this is kind of surprising, and I’m scared that people might think ill of our relationship. I’m writing this post myself, however, to clear up some information. 

“I’m sorry to (S.E.S. member) Shoo and (her husband, basketball player) Im Hyo Sung. They have nothing to do with us so I’m not sure why they’re saying that we were introduced…I’d like to say that we didn’t meet through their introduction. Sorry once again. Shoo, I’m sorry… Tell your husband for me TT.

“Lastly, I’m having a lot of fun promoting my album. His season has just started as well. It’s an important time for us so we’re both going to do our best to support each other. Please watch over us well and give us your support.. I’m actually very nervous, hahaha. ^^

“It’s his first time going through something like this so I’m sure he’s going through some complex feelings. Thanks for letting me be honest about this~ I pray that there isn’t anyone that talks bad of us. I’ll conclude this post here.. Have a happy Chuseok.” 

Congratulations to the new couple!

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