Funny Man HaHa’s Upcoming Album + Teaser

Comedian/MC HaHa has gathered much attention for his upcoming album “Rosa”.

On September 8 he twittered, “I will just publicly promote my upcoming album here. Finally, after four years I will release a new album. My new album “Rosa” will be released on September 14. I have also made a teaser of the intro of my new song “Sae Song”. Please retweet!!” alongside the mentioned teaser.

HaHa is wearing reggae style clothing and hair, giving the video a full reggae vibe. He also amuses viewers with his cute lip-sync. Netizens were also surprised by the sudden appearance of Kim Jong Kook.

Netizens were amused by his lyrics, in which HaHa mentioned all the Infinity Challenge members and their trademarks. The lyrics were, “Yoo Jae Suk hurray, Park Myung Soo money hurray, Jung Jun Ha is strong, Jung Hyung Don’s house leaks, Gil’s breath smells, No Hong Chul cannot pronounce.” The English translation is very different than the actual song, because the words in Korean end with “sae”, which is the whole concept of the song. The word “sae” has become HaHa’s trademark. Every time he sings, he ends his lyrics with “sae” for a reggae vibe.

Amused netizens praised the teaser by commenting, “I think your album will be dae bak” “Sae~ it is funny” “The lyrics about the members are awesome”.

HaHa will reveal his new album “Rosa” on September 14. We will be all looking forward to it. Watch the teaser below!