Jaurim Gives Chuseok Greetings Via Twitter

Rockband Jaurim gave a very courteous Chuseok greeting to fans.

On Sept. 10, vocals Kim Yoon Ah announced on her Twitter, “As you all know, it is that time of year. Jaurim, ‘the center of music’, would like to give you our Chuseok greetings beforehand. Everyone, have a happy Chuseok! We hope everyone has a wonderful time”. She also tweeted a picture of the band together.

In the photo, each of the four members of Jaurim has his (or her) hands gathered in front, in a polite manner. They have mischievous expressions, which are sure to have their fans smiling. (Especially the guy who is third from the left. Looks like he’s trying to be a praying mantis.)

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “I thought they were playing the Bear Paw game”, “As always, they’ve got sense”, and “Each of their expressions is so cute!”.

What do you think the Bear Paw game is? Sounds interesting!