MBLAQ: "Brazil Knows About K-Pop"

On September 10, MBLAQ returned to Korea from Brazil, where they visited to act as judges for MBC‘s “K-Pop Cover Dance Festival.” 

Their trip was an especially important one, as it proved that not only did they have immense popularity and support in Asia, but also in South America as well. Over 6,000 Brazilian fans gathered to make the boys feel right at home, allowing MBLAQ to get a full grasp of just how popular they are overseas.

“Love was just overflowing from the moment we stepped off the plane. Our concert hosts didn’t think that so many fans would show up so they rented out a small stage for us. Over 6,000 fans showed up in the end, and many had to wait outside,” MBLAQ revealed. 

MBLAQ revealed that they had so much fun and they’re more than eager to head back again. They were disappointed with their short stay and expressed an interest in getting to know more about the country and their fans. “We went there to raise awareness of K-Pop, but more fans than we could ever expect came to support us. We’d love to go back and communicate with them again.” 

Upon their return to Korea, they wasted no time in getting back to business. They left immediately to record for a music program and will be spending their Chuseok holiday preparing to conclude their follow-up promotions.