Gary and Song Ji Hyo Share a Hug

The infamous “Monday-couple”, consisting of Leessang’s Gary and the beautiful actress Song Ji Hyo, has once again made many viewers laugh by “intimately hugging” each other.

SBS’s variety show Running Man aired a Chuseok special in which the members had to wrestle against each other.

[Warning: Spoiler ahead!]

Song Ji Hyo first had to wrestle against Ji Suk Jin, but he formed no match for her as she tackled him with just one move. After winning this match, she had to go up against her Monday-boyfriend Gary.

Gary and Song Ji Hyo were kneeled down as they had to grab each other’s towels first. Gary immediately took his chance, put his arms around her and hugged her with a bright smile on his face. He was so into his hugging moment that he could not concentrate on the match, which made his fellow members yell at him.

Gary defended himself saying that Song Ji Hyo came towards him first.

Don’t you think they look so cute together?