4minute’s So Hyun Sports a Hanbok for Chuseok

In a tweet made on September 11 by 4Minute’s So Hyun, she sent a sweet message wishing everyone well for the holiday. She wrote, “Have a great Chuseok everybody!” and uploaded the following charming photos of herself.

So Hyun was seen in the pictures dressed in a traditional Korean Hanbok looking very pretty as she had a cute expression on her face, while looking at the camera.

Those who saw So Hyun’s pictures left comments for her saying, “Great hanbok!  You look so cute in it,” and “You too, have a good holiday!”

What do you think of So Hyun’s photos in a Hanbok? Would you like to celebrate Chuseok with So Hyun?

And of course to those celebrating, Happy Chuseok!