Sung Yuri’s Perfect Body

External from soompi image

A photo was taken of actress Sung Yuri on her morning walk that is impossible to look at just once.

Released from an online community on September 10, the title of the picture was “Sung Yuri in a pink training suit” and ever since the release of the photo, the actress’s great figure has been capturing the eyes of netizens.

Even in a one piece tracksuit and running shoes, Yuri’s slim figure can be clearly seen. Her long legs are emphasized with the fit of her track pants and her upper body area is of particular envy, with no signs of fat but a very slim figure. To those who have seen the photo, Yuri’s body outline is what is of interest to them and are taken aback by her perfect bodyline.

Netizens have reacted in a complimentary way, some saying that “even with a tracksuit on, how can
someone look so pretty?” and “Has she thrown away her age away? She looks so young.” No doubt that these comments are justified, as the photo provides proof.