Jo Kwon’s Milky White Skin

The popular idol group 2AM’s Jo Kwon recently revealed a picture of himself through his Twitter account.

On September 9 he twittered, “Oh my, I’m so tired…” alongside his photograph.

In the picture, he is lying down making a sad (but also cute) face expression with pouted lips looking very tired indeed. The dark circles around his eyes reveal his tiredness. However, the most striking feature in his picture is his incredibly white milky skin.

Worried netizens cheered him up with the following comments, “I am so jealous of your bright skin” “I guess you have a very busy schedule” “You should really get some rest” and “Your dark circles make me feel sad”.

Jo Kwon and his fellow 2AM members are still busy preparing their fan meeting on September 17. Let’s hope he will get some rest after that.