Big Bang’s Fanbase Spans All the Way to Puerto Rico

Big Bang has shown their worldly appeal in not only Japan, Korea, and the Philippines, but their popularity has spread outside of Asia to the Caribbean Islands as well.

Almost seven months later after release, Big Bang’s hit song, “Tonight” from their fourth mini-album has landed in Puerto Rico. The song has been making waves recently as the public’s persistent requests for the group finally were heard. The K-Pop fans got their wish on the evening of September 1 when DJ Peacemaker played the tune on the radio station Hot 102.5.

Just before playing “Tonight” the DJ made a shout-out to all the K-Pop fans. DJ Peacemaker also mentioned Big Bang’s all-time total YouTube views to date, reaching over 25 million views. “Somebody to Love” was even heard playing earlier in the week on the radio station. It truly is amazing the span that the Hallyu Wave extends.

You can watch DJ Peacemaker’s shout-out to all the devoted and influential K-Pop fans here. Below are the reactions of those dedicated fans as their hardwork was rewarded.