Photos of G.NA Reveal Her Flawless Body

A couple of photos of G.NA have surfaced on a website. The pictures were given the heading “G.NA’s Photos Before Being Doctored.”

G.NA is seen wearing a short red dress in the photographs. In them, she shows off her perfect figure with her curves and long slim legs. What makes the pictures even more intriguing is the fact that the images are real, as in the sense that they are a true look at her prior to being subjected to Photoshopping.

Those that saw the photos had much to say about them:  “Her figure is absolutely perfect,” “Her body must be a gift from God,” “I can’t take my eyes off of her sexy body,” and “I wish my body looked that good.”

G.NA is in the middle of promoting her latest album “Top Girl” and she will be celebrating her birthday on September 13.