Jewelry’s Park Se Mi Tweets Cute Photo of Herself With a Precious Puppy

In a recent post, Park Se Mi (of Jewelry) uploaded a selca to her Twitter account. She wrote, “Hey Bo Peep take a picture with mommy! Sorry about not combing your hair first.”

Park Se Mi is seen in the photo holding her puppy, Bo Peep, in her arms in a sweet embrace. The name is quite fitting since the dog’s tightly curled fur resembled that of a sheep’s fleece. The adorable puppy wasn’t the only thing grabbing the public’s attention. Netizens also had noticed that her face was bare, without make-up. Not like she needs it though, as her blonde, straight hair framed her perfect, youthful face.

Netizens reacted positively to the photograph, commenting: “You have become so pretty lately.” and “Cute puppy. It resembles you. Don’t you think?”