Alexander Warns Fans That Idols Could Be Stalking Them

Alexander Eusebio is an idol who is known to use Twitter a lot. He retweets quotes, talks to other idols, and even ineracts with fans. Today though he has taken a different route, and in a fun way, revealed an answer to a question fans have been asking for a very long time: if we stalk idols, do they stalk us? Do idols see what we write about them?

According to Alexander, the answer is yes! One of his tweets included the comment, “[If fans can stalk oppas, oppas can do so too~ Beware.]” Idols are internet savvy as well, and the ones who are on the internet a lot are aware of what fans are saying. Also, I know that fans would love to see a fanfic written by him. Imagine one written by him about himself and a fan! But what is quite scary about his mention of fanfics is that he is aware of them. And if he has seen some of the ones I have read, he might be a bit scared!

He then mentioned how the full moon is nearly over and then makes a reference to the anime, “Full Moon Wo Sagashite.” He links to a video and reveals that he wished the lady singing was singing to him. If you go to the comment section of the video you will see many comments from fans sent there by Alexander. 

He also sent a birthday greeting to G.NA, and used a hashtag that you might want to also use so she can see all the love.

But let’s not forget the moral of this article, some idols might stalk you in return, and they are definitely aware of what we’re saying about them, including the existence of fanfics! Are any of you clambering to tweet Alexander encouragement for writing a fan fic?