Who is the Bug Catcher in Super Junior’s Dorm?

The members of Super Junior recently appeared on KBS‘s Chuseok special of their talk show, “Hello,” and listened to the worries of citizen guests.

The show created a special corner where people were invited on to the stage to express some of their concerns and worries for the celebrities to help solve. One guest in particular revealed that he had a pest problem at home but wasn’t able to catch any of them due to a phobia he had.

Eunhyuk agreed with the man, piping up to add, “I’m not good at catching bugs either.”

The MC then turned to him to ask, “Then who catches the bugs in Super Junior’s dorm?”

All of the members chose Yesung as the designated bug catcher. Shindong explained, “I’m as scared of bugs as Eunhyuk is, but Yesung is a really good bug catcher!”

Who catches the bugs in your home?