Bekah Remembers September 11

Korea may be feasting and spending time with loved ones during the Chuseok holiday, but America had a very somber weekend. This September 11 marked the ten year anniversary of terrorists’ attack on the nation. Americans came together to remember those innocent victims who lost their lives and the brave men and women who fought to save them. After School graduate Bekah tweeted and updated her Tumblr with memories and a profound message of hope to everyone affected by the attacks. Read an excerpt of her message below:

“hi guys…10 years ago, yesterday was a day of great pain, fear, and sorrow. It was also a day for us as Americans to come together … I remember waking up around 6 in the morning from a call from my aunty. I turned on the tv and chills just ran up all over. I was still in the 7th grade… I was so scared. I could see those people in the buildings and I just had to cry. I couldn’t stop praying. For all of you who have been near or far when all those events took place on September 11... I wish you love, strength, and healing. Every day is a new day.”

Read her entire message here.