G.NA is Inspired by the Five Girls’ Members

At the end of August singer, G.NA released her latest single, “Top Girl” and since has been busy with promotions.

G.NA recently gave thanks to the people at Cube Entertainment and her fans in a recent interview with Star News. Also she gave thanks to Five Girls, her former group.

Originally the group Five Girls consisted of G.NA, Yu Bin, Uee, Yang Ji Won, and Jeon Hyosung. The group first appeared on MTV’s “Diary of Five Girls” and from it had earned a number of followers. Yet, the ladies never got to debut because of some issues within the agency.

It wouldn’t be the last time the public heard from the members as Yu Bin debuted with the Wonder Girls, Uee with After School, and Jeon Hyosung became part of Secret. The leader and oldest of the girls was G.NA. She ended up debuting as a solo singer and has led a very successful career since. The Five Girls members are known to still have a close friendship.

G.NA commented on the others saying, “We will always be there for each other no matter where we may be. When I made my debut in Japan Hyosung congratulated me and Uee had watched my “Top Girl” comeback performance and gave me some advice. The Five Girls’ members always inspire me. As the oldest one I want to improve and lead a successful life.”