The “Tru-Gary Show” or “The Usual Running Man”?  Who was the True Winner of “Running Man”?

It was a twist upon twist for the latest episode of the SBS variety show “Running Man,” which left viewers in shock and surprise at the unexpected ending.


As reported earlier, the September 11 episode of “Running Man” was a Chuseok special that would follow the format of the Hollywood movie, “The Truman Show” (starring Jim Carrey) in order to trick Gary who had always wanted to be a spy even though Yoo Jae Suk argued that Gary would never be a good one. In this episode, Gary was finally given the chance to be a spy whose mission was to take out all the other members without their knowledge in order to win the game. What Gary didn’t know, however, was this episode was no ordinary episode. Dubbed “The Tru-Gary Show,” everything that Gary knew was a lie and all the members knew that he was a spy. For the rest of the cast to win, they had to pretend to the very end that they had no idea that Gary was a spy.

Throughout the episode Gary seemed like an awful spy, making awkward excuses and looking panicked all the time. There were even a few tense moments during which the members seem to suspect something of him. But in reality, the members were laughing behind Gary’s back, complaining of his awful acting and completely enjoying pulling the hat over Gary’s head.

In the end, Gary took out all the members and the rest of the cast pulled on their own act of being disappointed and betrayed by Gary. In front of them, Gary received the prize and went home in delight of having been a successful spy. After he left, the rest of the Running Man members were given their prizes for having completely fooled Gary. They even left a message of thanks and apologies for Gary to see when the show was actually broadcasted, because they were going to keep everything a secret until then.

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All members and viewers relaxed, thinking it was all over when suddenly the screen showed Gary walking outside with a limp, iconic of the Hollywood movie, “The Usual Suspects” (starring Kevin Spacey). Gary’s limp continued until slowly but surely, it straightened out and the camera moved to Gary’s face, which seemed very pleased. The captions ask, “It couldn’t be?” as Gary continued on his way home, prize in hand, victorious.

Netizens who watched this show exclaimed, “I got goosebumps!” and “What an amazing ending!” They also asked, “Was panic all planned by Gary?” and “What’s the real ending?”

Have you guys seen this episode? What do think? Was it awful acting from Gary or award-winning acting? What it “The Tru-Gary Show” or “The Usual Running Man”?

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