2AM’s Jo Kwon Takes Photos With His Pet

Jo Kwon of 2AM posted a little treat on his Twitter for fans. He had uploaded a few pictures which he took with his dog Haengoonee (which translates to Lucky).

On September 12, Jo Kwon wrote, “Thanks to all my fans sending me gifts of food I have become very lazy. Have a great Chuseok holiday!”

In the first photo Jo Kwon has a surprised look on his face, while in the other he has more a vacant expression. Haengoonee can be seen wearing a Hanbok as he gazes toward the camera.

Those who saw the images of the two reacted saying, “Adorable. Long time no see, Haengoonee.”, “Haengoonee is wearing a Hanbok too? Cute!”, and “Who is cuter: Jo Kwon or Haengoonee?”

Currently Jo Kwon is cast in the TV series “All My Love” which finishes up on September 16.