Choi Siwon Uploads a "Pure Abs" Image

Mr.SimpleChoi Siwon has abs for days! 

On the second day of Chuseok my true idol gave to me… a six pack image in a tweet. That’s right Elfs, the Super Junior member shared yet another image from his Mr. Simple album photo shoot. On September 12, Siwon tweeted a photo of his colorful tattooed chest with lean idol abs. The following brief message were the only words that accompanied the sizzling tweet.

“having fun. lovely night”

Did Elfs keep their cool? Check out some of their comments below and share your opinions of Siwon’s hot image number two: 
“keep on having fun then……enjoy your night!”
“Wow~~~so many pics!!!!!!!i wanna see other members’ too >< plz show us all ^^”
“naaah~ this is not sexy! its super archi recontra mega sexy! XD”