Rocker Kim Kyung Ho to Join MBC “I Am a Singer”

After the elimination of R&B singer Kim Jo Han last week from MBC “I Am a Singer,” rocker Kim Kyung Ho will join the show, bringing new competition to the group of talented singers. He recorded his first stage on September 12, joining his colleagues Bobby Kim, Insooni, Yoon Min Soo (VIBE), Jaurim, Jo Kwan Woo, and Jang Hye Jin.

Kim Kyung Ho is a male singer who debuted in 1995. He has released nine full albums so far. His last album, “Alive,” was released in June 2009, making this a two year wait for fans who have wanted to hear him again.

With his trademark high-pitched and powerful voice, what new waves will Kim Kyung Ho bring to “I Am a Singer”?  

For those of you who don’t know him, here is a sample of his performances and a few clips of young idols singing his famous songs.

Kim Kyung Ho singing his “Forbidden Love.”

Here is Lee Seung Gi singing the chorus of “Forbidden Love.”

Kim Kyung Ho sings his “People Who Make Me Sad.”

It seems that Lee Seung Gi is a fan. Here’s a clip of him singing “People Who Make Me Sad.”

And finally, Kim Kyung Ho joins MBC’s “Star Audition : The Great Birth” winner Baek Chung Gang in a rendition of  his “Love That Aching Pain.”

For more information on this singer, go to Soompi’s official page for Kim Kyung Ho.