April Kiss Flaunts Their Pride as the "Female 2PM"?

Having made their debut recently with their first mini album, “WANNABE,” rookie girl group April Kiss conducted an interview with local media STARin.

All six members Sumin, Coo. G, Haezn, Sara, Julie, and Xiho flaunt well-defined facial features, as well as slim body figures. Their most notable feature is arguably their premium body figures, with the heights of the members averaging an astounding 173 cm. The members have also garnered attention with their various types of previous occupations, from a model to a musical actress, as well as a school teacher.

Having chosen a completely new path to let free their inner passions, all six have gone through a harsh training system for three to five years, and have respectable skills at dancing, singing, and rapping.

April Kiss’ management agency has previously introduced them as “A group, despite being all female, that can showcase impressive performances that are like ones of 2PM.

Do you agree with that statement?