SNSD’s YoonA and Park Myung Soo Put Up Items for Auction on MBC “Star Auction Show”

On September 13 in MBC’s Chuseok special, “Star Auction Show,” YoonA and Park Myung Soo put up their treasured items for auction in a competition to see who gets the highest bid.  Actor Choi Soo Jong and singer Seo In Young joined YoonA and Park to face 200 potential bidders and compete for the highest number of interest votes.

YoonA put up for auction a costume worn over 10 times during SNSD’s “Genie” promotions. Beating out Seo In Young who got 70 votes for her New York vintage coat and shoes, and Choi Soo Jong who got 68 points for his athlete-signed sports goods, YoonA received 85 votes of interest from the potential bidders.

Park Myung Soo lastly brought out his three-set “Infinity Challenge” goods, which included a member-signed photo, “Infinity Challenge” skates, and a photo that Park took with an orangutan for the “Infinity Challenge” calendar. He received 144 votes, proving “Infinity Challenge’s” popularity and unexpectedly beating out YoonA.

But  this was only a vote for potential interest and in the end, YoonA beat out Park Myung Soo with someone bidding an astounding 6.7 million won (approximately 6,200 USD) for her “Genie” costume in comparison to Park’s 5.5 million won (approximately 5,100 USD).

Whatever the amount, all the stars were happy to be able to participate in this meaningful program since all proceeds from the auction will to go to charity. And congratulations to the lucky bidders who were able to claim the stars’ treasures!