KARA’s Han Seung Yeon Shows Her Regret for the Passing Long Weekend with Selcas

Popular girl group KARA member Han Seung Yeon passed on her Chuseok greetings to her fans while flaunting her flawless bare face.

Through her Twitter on the afternoon of September 12, she posted two selcas along with the slightly regretful comment, “There’s seven minutes left to Chuseok. There’s nothing to eat, but I want to keep eating. My Chuseok was spent underground and in the sky. Did you guys have a fun Chuseok?”

In the photo, she is shown holding her pet dog and resting after a tiresome day of schedules after having erased her makeup. Though with a bare face, Han Seung Yeon shows off her smooth and moisturized skin. Her pet dog shows nothing but affection for Han Seung Yeon, kissing her on the lips.

KARA has recently released their third album on September 6 and is now commencing promotional activities with title track “STEP.”