SNSD Returns to Korea After Taiwan Concerts

SNSD has arrived back in Korea after successfully completing their three day concert in Taiwan.

After completing their three day concert “2011 GIRLS GENERATION TOUR in TAIPEI“, which started on September 9 finishing on the 11th, SNSD once again found themselves at Taoyuan Airport in order to fly back to Korea.

The airport was the same atmosphere as they entered on the 8th. Hundreds of media, press and fans were once again at the airport to see off their favorite celebrity, SNSD. As the fans could only see the girls from a distance, they could not hide their sorrows and chanted “Please don’t go.”

A Taiwanese Entertainment company revealed that on the night of the 11th, after successfully finishing the last day of their concert, SNSD headed off to a restaurant for a celebratory dinner with their staff and crew, where even then they were swarmed with hundreds of fans. Throughout the five days SNSD was in Taiwan, it was known that there was no quiet day for the girls, being surrounded media, press and fans.

Meanwhile, SNSD was once again able to show their extreme popularity within Asia by successfully completing a three day concert in one of the largest arenas in Taiwan, the Taipei Arena, also setting a record for the highest ticket sales for an overseas girl group.