Yo Seob Breakdances in His Hanbok

Not only is BEAST’s Yang Yo Seob talented at singing, but also at dancing.

Yo Seob was caught break dancing in a hanbok during a Chuseok photo shoot.

Yo Seob tweeted the pictures of himself, with a comment stating his name for the dance: “The Three Combo Freeze.” We see Yo Seob performing three different moves with his legs while balancing only on his hands and the side of his head.

All of BEAST wore hanboks in celebration of the Korean holiday and released a special pictorial. The pictorial focused on creating a contradictory and humorous atmosphere, incorporating traditional elements, such as hanbok, with modern, vigorous dancing not associated with the historic costume.

Netizens reacted to the photos positively, saying, “This is really funny,” and, “You have such a silly charm.”