Celebrity Lookalikes on SBS “Hallyu Olympics” Cause Studio to Erupt into Laughter

On September 13, SBS aired “Hallyu Olympics,” the first Hallyu Cover Contest, where contestants came out and imitated their favorite artists’ songs and dances, as well as actors’ famous scenes.

On this day, 22 teams from six different countries (Korea, United States, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, and South Africa) competed against each other.

The MC’s for this show were Boom, gag woman Jo Hye RyunSuper Junior’s Lee Teuk, and SBS announcer Choi Ki Hwan

The contest was split into four categories: singing, dancing, individual talents, and lookalikes. During this contest, the celebrity judges were repeatedly surprised by the skills of the contestants that rivaled the Hallyu stars they were imitating. 

Among the contestants, there were some who received attention for looking exactly like some of Korea’s top stars.

In particular, the Korean representatives for the celebrity lookalike portion of the contest were so similar in looks to their respective celebrities that the judges needed to take double-looks.

It started off with G-Dragons’s lookalike coming onto the stage while singing “Heartbreaker.” The atmosphere of the studio was still very light at this point.

Right after, however, as the music changed to “I Had an Affair,” a male contestant looking exactly like Park Myung Soo appeared, causing all the judges to stand up and burst into laughter. This portion of the contest hit its climax when Park Bom’s lookalike appeared on stage to complete the group that came out as ‘GG & Park Bom’.

Jo Kyu Min, G-Dragon’s lookalike, said “My home is near Big Bang’s dorm, so whenever I pass it, foreign fans mistake me as G-Dragon and ask me for my autograph” and “I’ve met Yang Hyun Suk as well. I was at an audition and he told me that I really did look like G-Dragon”.

However, this was not the end. Dreaming of becoming artists themselves, two young girls looking like little Victoria and little Suzy appeared on stage as well.

Park Chae Bin, little Victoria, sang f(x)’s “Hot Summer” and looked so similar to what Victoria might have looked like when she was younger, surprising many people.

Also, a 6-year-old girl came onto the stage while imitating Suzy’s dance, as the crowd was stunned at the way she looked exactly like Suzy. Afterwards, she, Suzy, and Fei put on a joint performance for the audience.