Did Shin Hye Sung Switch His Musical Style to Modern Rock?

A video of singer Shin Hye Sung trying out a modern rock-based song has been revealed.

On September 9, a video of Shin Hye Sung singing “I Miss You” during his encore concert was uploaded onto his management company’s official YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Moments after Shin Hye Sung’s concert ended, his fans showed much enthusiasm in supporting his new quest of undertaking a new genre and ultimately made requests through Twitter and Facebook that the video of him singing be uploaded online.

A group called Mate, who currently has a sizable passionate “mania” fans, originally sang “I Miss You.” It has been revealed that Mate member Im Hun Il is close friends with Shin Hye Sung and will be making contributions to his next album.

Fans, who have watched this video, have reacted in many ways by enthusiastically saying, “It feels like I’ve received a great surprise! I’m really looking forward to his next album!” and “I’m curious to hear Hye Sung’s change into modern rock”. 

Do you think his challenge of taking on modern rock will be successful? Watch his video below!