Kara Holds Showcase for Comeback Album "Step"

Kara is finally back and ready to conquer the music market once again! On September 14, Kara held a press conference and showcase event celebrating the release of their third studio album, “Step,” at the SBS Public Hall. 

“Our third album is an album that we feel a lot more attached to compared to our other albums. The members participated in everything from the songs, music video, concept, and choreography. We’ve changed some of our Japanese releases and re-recorded them in Korean. More than anything, the album holds our feelings for our fans. We promise to show a better stage with great teamwork,” Seungyeon revealed. 

They also talked about their excitement on returning to the stage in Korea. “We’ve finally come out with our third album in Korea. Although we’ll only be promoting for three short weeks, we promise to work hard during that time,” the members stated. 

Maknae Jiyoung said, “I’m so nervous since it’s our first comeback in a while. We’re so happy to be able to release our third album. A lot of cute songs other than our title track ‘Step’ is included so please take a listen to all of them.”