Kara Nicole’s Secret to Healthy Dieting

Kara‘s Nicole, who was always loved for her cute image, has come forward in front of her fans while radiating healthy beauty.

On September 14, during the showcase that took place to celebrate the release of Kara’s third album, Nicole revealed how she got her body in shape.

On this day, Nicole gained attention by appearing on stage wearing strapless mini dress that accented her shoulders. Seeing this, MC Kim Shin Young asked her, “You developed a healthy beauty that you did not have. What happened?”

To this, Nicole shyly replied, “In the past I have tried many different types of workouts to stay healthy, but for the first time, I started Pilates. Through weight training and a change in my method of dieting, I was able to healthily lose weight. I wanted to show everyone a prettier side of myself.” Aside from Nicole, Gyuri, Jiyoung, Seungyeon, and Hara have also showed off their glamor, which in turn raised anticipation for their newest album.

After facing a series of unpleasant events and being inactive in Korea for 10 months, Kara will finally be taking part in activities starting from mid-September.