How Dana Overcame Her "Fear Of Company Dinners"

CSJH The Grace member, Dana has been raising interest with her confession of having a “fear of company dinners.” Company dinners are informal dinner events where the entire company goes out together to eat and drink. Though it is informal, it may certainly feel formal because you have to eat and drink with all your superiors and bosses. Usually, drinking ends up with the superiors/bosses making the juniors get up and sing a song or dance. It can be a very nervewrecking experience for some, like Dana. 

Dana was a guest on SBS’s “Challenge 1000 Songs,” which aired on September 12 as a Chuseok special. Dana was participating in the loser’s round, which gives a contestant a chance to get back in the final round. There, she surprisingly confessed that she had a fear of company dinners.

Dana went on to explain how she got over this fear. She said she would choose a song that would liven the atmosphere of the dinner. So she picked and sang “Skyground, Starground” by B.B., a female pop duo from the 90’s.

Dana’s singing with her fellow CSJH member Sunday’s cute dance moves went hand-in-hand for a great performance. This helped them to attain the number 1 spot in the loser’s round and they moved on to the finals. 
After this episode was aired, Netizens made comments such as “I can’t believe she had a fear of company dinners,” “That’s so unlike her,” “It was good to see her overcome her fears,” “That was really surprising,” “That was an exciting performance,” and so on. 

Dana is continuing her singing activities with Sunday as CSJH Dana & Sunday with “Please Look At Me.”