Jaurim Puts on Electrifying Performance on MBC "I Am a Singer"

On last week’s episode of MBC “I Am a Singer,” rock band Jaurim electrified audiences with their rendition of Shin Hae Chul’s Jazz Café.” Going with the theme of the 90’s, each contestant was assigned a song from that decade, and Jaurim was given “Jazz Café” for the second part of their sixth round. This stellar performance was only made possible by Kim Yoon Il, the sibling of Juarim’s main vocalist Kim Yoon Ah.

When describing how the performance would go, Kim Yoon Ah stated that she would “start off with a blues feeling and end with a jazz style. For this performance I had to change three times,” which gave a hint to the amount of variations that would be in that one piece as well as the effort put into the song– altogether implying a performance far from normal. This turned out to be a huge success, for Kim Yoon Ah’s unique voice gave the song a new life and from such a contrast with the original, both the audience’s ears and contestant’s ears were captivated with the unique styling.

What was most magical about this, however, was the arrangement in which Jaurim performed the song. This task was left to Kim Yoon Il, who re-arranged the original piece into a song that combined different genres and themes, altogether creating a piece that left the other contestant’s saying, “There can’t be an arrangement greater than that one” and “That was Jaurim’s best performance by far.” Not only is Jaurim gaining much publicity for accomplishing such a wonderful stage performance, but so is Kim Yoon Il who made it all possible.

In the end, Jaurim grabbed the number one spot which was the complete opposite of what they received last round (sixth place), and with this boost they managed to escape elimination to survive another week. Undoubtedly, all eyes and expectations will be on Jaurim to come up with an equally great performance for this week, and how the band will react to this is yet to be seen.