Super Star K2’s Jang Jae In Enjoys Having Street Performances on Her Free Days

Super Star K2 star Jang Jae In made a street performance at Gwanghwamun on September 14 at 4pm. The singer herself explained, “The weather is nice so I felt I wanted to do a street performance.”

So Jang Jae In took her street amplifier and a microphone, she installed them together with her guitar and she made a very simple performance of pop and Korean songs. The singer also explained why she often makes this kind of street performance, “I have been chosen by the people and I feel like I have to come closer to them with this kind of performance.” She also added, “In the future I think I will keep on doing this simple exhibition whenever I have the day free of schedules.”

Netizens commented on twitter, “She speaks and sings very nice”, “She is more cute on real”, “I appreciate that even if she is very famous she likes to do this street perfomance.”

The singer also posted on her twitter two photos taken before the street concert, where her simple and comfortable outfits reveals her skinny body and her small face. Even if this could be seen as too naive for a singer, the fans commented positively, “Jang Jae In! She is a real musician” or “This girl is not just a singer but a real musician.”