Online Petition Shows Many Fans Against Kang Ho Dong’s Retirement

There are two petition movements going on in Korea regarding Kang Ho Dong’s temporary retirement form the entertainment industry. One is for his retirement and another is against.

After the news of Kang Ho Dong’s tax evasion scandal broke on September 5, the public and media responded in anger and disappointment. A Korean citizen even filed a complaint to the Seoul’s prosecutor office, asking for a more thorough investigation.

In response to public disappointment, on September 9, Kang Ho Dong announced his temporary retirement from the entertainment industry to spend time on self-reflection. Soon after two online petitions were started, one that supports his retirement (opened September 9) and another one that is against (opened September 10).

As of the most recent count, there are 10,912 signatures on the petition that is against Kang Ho Dong’s retirement.

On the other hand, there are only 149 signatures that support his leave.

Fans who are against Kang’s retirement are commenting, “Let’s stop the witch hunt,” and “Shouldn’t we properly investigate politicians instead?”

Those who are for Kang’s retirement wrote on the petition site, “Tax evasion is robbery,” and “Retirement is the proper punishment.”

The goal of the petition that is against Kang Ho Dong’s retirement was 10,000 signatures by the end of this month. Having been open less than a week, that goal has already been reached in a outpouring of support for the “Nation’s MC” Kang Ho Dong.

With speculations that Kang Ho Dong’s retirement might not be temporary, many fans of Kang Ho Dong are hoping that their support and love will reach him. But with Kang Ho Dong remaining quiet and firm about his decision, the future is still very uncertain for the entertainment industry.