Details on Kara’s First Comeback in Ten Months

It was hot from the start. As soon as the intro to their title song “Step” started playing, countless fans were thrown into a frenzy. As Nicole and Hara started to rap, the fans began to cheer. For the first time in ten months, Kara has made a comeback.

On September 14, approximately 200 fans were present as Kara held a showcase at SBS’s Deung Chon Dong Hall. They revealed the live performance of their third album’s title song “Step” for the first time.

“Step” was an exciting event. With a sexy and a microphone dance, Kara had fans screaming all over. The easy yet rhythmic melody made fans follow along as the girls sang. With their black and red studded outfits, the members of Kara gave the audience a spectacular performance.

Fans continuously chanted the names of the group members over and over. To show their support, they also had banners with messages of encouragement. At this, Kara members gave their fans waves and nodded their heads in greeting to show their gratitude.

After the first performance, there was also time for interviewing led by comedian Kim Shin Young. Kara members revealed that they “couldn’t sleep for 80 hours” due to preparations for the music video, “ran for 120 hours” to diet, and “didn’t use their voices” as much as possible to “protect their voices”.

Even though three months is a short time, they will carry out their new album activities in Korea. The members also announced that they will “work hard to show [us] [their] best performance” in music programs.

Lastly, they performed “Date”, and ended their performance, reluctant to part with their fans. It left an indelible impression on the audience. The fans and the performers united to become one.

Tonight, September 15, Kara will appear on Mnet’s “M! Countdown”. Are you ready for their full on comeback?

Video coverage of their performance and interview:



Full Length Interview and Performance:(“Step” performance is at 12:05, “Ima Okuritai, Arigatou” at 51:50, “Date” at 1:14:43)

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