The Two Faces of Star Sponsored Clothes

Nearly 90% of the apparel that stars wear to events are provided by sponsors. No matter how expensive the brand, if the star can pull it off, it’s a success, resulting in happy sponsors and out-of-stock stores. Or it could work the opposite way…

Some stars can pull off outfits perfectly, as if the clothes were meant for them. Many of them set new trends with their new apparel, which in turn helps the sponsor brand.

Unfortunately, other stars may be cursed. Some examples include clothes that fit too tightly, resulting in “the bulge.” Or the clothes just may not shine through.

Here are some pictures of the perfect fit!

Some examples of successful star fashionistas include Soo Ae, Kim Min Hee and Shin Min Ah. Most of the items they wear become very popular once passed through these stars.

Soo Ae in particular is well known for her gorgeous dresses on the red carpet. Whenever she is cast in a new movie, sponsors from all over contact her to ask for a favor. In the picture above, she pulled off the LBD (little black dress) flawlessly, giving an elegant look.

Kim Min Hee is known as a chic fashionista. Once she wears something, it is sold out in stores. Even in Dong Dae Moon (a large fashion market in Seouli known for great bargains), replicas of her style go out of stock fast. Her simple and classic white one piece is a plus for any corporate event.

Shin Min Ah usually wears expensive designer brands. Designers come to ask her to wear their clothes, and Shin Min Ah often shoots commericals for their brands as well. She always looks well-polished and sophisticated.


Although there are many fashion successes, there are also the occassional flops. While some clothes may match the star, some clothes may make the star match them.

Jung Ryeo Won, due to her skinny frame and delicate feet, often is seen in clothes and shoes that do not seem fitting. For her recent movie “Pain,” she was seen wearing shoes that seemed too large for her even from a distance. People worried that she might fall everytime she walked.

Kim Jung Eun, known for her eccentric taste, was seen wearing white high waisted pants. However, because the pants were too tight, they caused her sides to bulge out in the back, creating unpleasant bumps.

f(x)‘s Krystal is one of the most popular idol stars. At a press conference, she was seen wearing a blouse that was too big for her, which she tried to fix with a pin.

Who do you think is Korea’s best (or worst) dressed?

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