B1A4’s Comeback Album Promises to Be a Hit

It’s their first-ever comeback since they debuted in April earlier this year, but B1A4 is already making waves in the market. Their debut album, “Let’s Fly,” managed to record 25,000 album sales, but their come back album, “it B1A4,” is on its way to beating it. 

The teaser music video for their new song, “Beautiful Target,” has gained explosive views over the Chuseok holiday. “After the release of the teaser, the official homepage was met with over 20,000 visitors in one day. Upon the album going up for pre-order, we’ve been receiving so many sales that we’re sure that the numbers will overtake what they recorded with their first album,” officials of WM Entertainment said.

Despite being a rookie group, their success is attributed to their high musical standards. In the first album, only leader Jinyoung participated in the production process of it. This time, all of the members have. CNU and Baro participated in writing the lyrics for the title track and the rap making for the entire album while leader Jinyoung included a self-composed and arranged song. 

“Beautiful Target” plays up their cute image, as it’s about a boy that hopes to “fly like a rocket” towards the heart of his crush. The album releases online on September 16.