Netizens Debate Over the Brown Eyed Girls’ Title Track

The Brown Eyed Girls are finally gearing up for their first come back in two years, and there’s a bit of an online debate over what will be their highly anticipated title track.

In their first “Count Down” teaser, the members are seen recording in a booth, joking around and showing off their vocal talent. The teaser has created a bit of confusion, though, as fans are now wondering whether that stunning song will be a lead-in to their title track or the actual title track itself. There’s also another song titled “Uncomfortable Truth,” which was performed for the first time in Japan. 

“Producer Cho Young Chul was the head director for their fourth album, much like their past hits, ‘Abracadabra‘ and Ga-In‘s ‘Irreversible.’ The title track, however, will be the work of composer Lee Min Soo and lyricist Kim Eana,” CEO Lance of Nega Network explained.

Unfortunately, he refused to delve into further details, leaving impatient Netizens to guess on their own. The album is already causing quite the stir online, as it features the work of other big names like Yoon Il Sang, G. Gorilla, KZ, east4A, Junja Man, and D-Day

The music video was also produced by director Hwang Soo Ga, who’s produced their past music videos for “Abracadabra” and “Sign.” 

Netizens commented, “I want to just hurry up and listen to it,” and “I’m highly anticipating this album.” Until the album drops on September 23, what are some of your guesses on their new title track? Share them below!

Hot Shot” will also be released on September 16, so remember to check back!